For certain owner-managed enterprises and not-for-profit organizations, the banks, shareholders or other users of the financial statements require either an audit or a review engagement.

An audit consists of a more detailed examination of the financial statements in accordance with Canadian auditing standards to provide an opinion on the financial statements so they present fairly the financial position and results of operations. A review engagement involves the application of analytical procedures to provide assurance that the financial statements are in accordance with the applicable framework. We help outline the differences between the various levels of assurance that may be required for each client.

We work with your entire team to ensure the annual audit process is easy to manage and provides your stakeholders with the right kind of information they need.

Our skilled professionals are ready to help your business or your not-for-profit prepare the annual financial statements you need to remain compliant with the CRA.

Above and beyond industry standards.

We believe in the value of communicating with all stakeholders before, during and after the audit process to help establish a unified understanding of all relevant issues.

Where relevant, we attend AGM’s to engage in discussion with stakeholders and ensure knowledge translation is clearly delivered.